5. What are my obligations as a survivor?

You have only ONE obligation. That‘s to face reality and move beyond it into a life that is meaningful, no matter what anybody does or fails to do in response to your story, no matter whether you choose to tell it to even one other person. That‘s enough of a burden, but you owe it to yourself. There are many other things you may choose to do, but this is your only obligation.

Anything else should take place either because you need to do it to care for yourself, or to get to a higher plane in your life OR because you really want to do it for a greater good AND it feels safe enough for you to take that step. See POWER OF ONE STORY

Dee Ann Miller is the author of Enlarging Boston's Spotlight: A Call for Courage, Integrity, and Institutional Transformation (2017) How Little We Knew: Collusion and Confusion with Sexual Misconduct (1993) and The Truth about Malarkey (2000)